Kyle Hermans

WeOverMe Co-Creator


Kyle is the Founder, CEO of Be Courageous, the global growth platform helping leaders and organizations master their future today through courageous breakthroughs in culture, strategy and Innovation. Kyle’s group facilitate Start Up's, Scale Up's and Fortune brands to create, grow and sustain purpose driven cultures and businesses, unlock rapid growth and mindfully impact the future.

Previously, Kyle held a partner position at Lippincott, the premier creative consultancy that helps leaders achieve meaningful and enduring impact through the belief that brand is possibility.

He held the positions of Senior Director of Employee Experience at Old Navy Global, and, Senior Director of Innovation Capacity and Organizational Effectiveness at GAP inc, where Kyle led organizational strategies that built consistent innovation capabilities, employee experiences and brand platforms for business leaders to be successful at GAP inc; in both headquarters and field; and across their portfolio of global brands; Old Navy, GAP, Banana Republic, Athleta and Intermix.

Kyle has collectively advised, facilitated, trained and keynoted to more than 250+ brands in over 20+ countries across a broad range of industries and cultures. I am driven to help deliver global organizations and their leaders to breakthroughs, solving complex challenges and creating and managing change.

Kyle holds a BA in Marketing and Design. He is a certified Master practitioner of NLP in both North America and Europe; a Master Practitioner of TRIZ problem-solving, analysis and forecasting in patterns of invention in the global patent literature; he hols a master certification in innovation facilitation and training. Kyle is also featured writer, guest lecturer and keynote speaker.

When he is not not helping the growth and transformation in others; he is performing and recording musician in addition to competing in ironman triathlon.