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Sura Al-Nami

WeOverMe Co-Founder & Chief Co-Creator

Sura is a creative problem solver & design thinking provocateur 

Since 2002 she has facilitated human-centered innovation solutions through a variety of lenses – at Disney,  with Fortune 500 challenger innovation brand consultancies and as an entrepreneur.

While playing an integral part of the in house innovation team at Disney, she answered compelling questions such as the ten year future for lines of business, national communication strategy, blue sky thinking and reimagining a 25 year old sales and marketing process. 

She also was an entrepreneur within a tech start-up focused on car dealers in San Francisco in addition to a two person luxury jewelry startup that acquired distribution at Neiman Marcus. 

She now blends this entrepreneurial drive-your-own-bus spirit with navigating big organization dynamics, and partners with like-minded collaborators.

In her spare time, Sura is obsessed with experiencing different cultures, having moved 11 times by the time she was 11, spending as much time as possible in the water, or practicing hip hop yoga, as well as cooking and hosting friends she calls family.